Name for community education website (poll)

On behalf of the community contributor group, I would like to create this poll.

It was suggested that Delphi needs a learntoyearn type community education website and we are currently thinking about a name.

Please vote for your 3 favorite proposals (multiple choice) :slight_smile:

  • AKROculture
  • DeFiwithDelph
  • Delphination/Akronation
  • DelphiSoupForTheSoul
  • DelphiforDummies
  • Diveintodelphi
  • Delphinition
  • Delphipedia
  • DelFi
  • AKROadvisor
  • Akro.Finance
  • Akro.Dao

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Write in votes for:


Reply here with A or B to vote on those as well :slight_smile:

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A + B :upside_down_face:

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if its only about help with using delphi, then i think a delphi and not akro centric name would be best.

A) :grinning:

Woah, when I said delphisoupforhtesoul I was kidding :slight_smile: :laughing:

I vote A)
I like, maybe we can have live analytics and more in depth stats for the platform there as well. Maybe add a live Twitter feed for tweets from important accounts in the community and any tweets including #AKRO, #ADEL etc.

I think that the best way to go from here is with:
Don’t let money sleep :smiley:

Front page cat hyped on caffeine /holding a cup of coffee/ - suggested by Alex.eth

I believe that further from this that should be the main website but we should build sub website’s for people that are not native to english:

That we can build around all of that so we can onboard more users once the whole project kicks off.

Stanislav Kafaliev


I’ll vote here :), nice work @skafaliev


Also propose How2Delphi :slight_smile:


Is this where I claim my UNI tokens?

LOL just kidding.

Defi.Delphi is good! :slight_smile:

DelphiDeFined / DelFiDeFined :smiley:

Maybe DFI (Delfi Finance)