Anyone else experienced troubles staking while using brave browser?

Hi Everyone,

Love the project but i have experienced this myself 3 times now, whenever i want to add something to stake it just keeps proccessing, sometimes its stuck for hours, then it just works, tried this on different browsers and brave seems to be the problem here, anyone else? works fine with chrome and safari.


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Personally, don’t use Brave for anything Defi. It seems there are still too many issues when it comes to Brave and Defi use. Many projects seem to have issues with it. Chrome is really good though. I rarely ever have issues with Chrome. :slight_smile: Looking forward to the future of AKROPOLIS!

I haven’t been able to stake yet , I was thinking is because I used chrome.

What helped me what adjusting the gas fees to 206, if you need help just ask.

Thanks, kinda weird right, since Brave is a crypto browser and also chromium based.

Guys IMO Brave is a top knotch browser & handles crypto well. I hold several wallets in it. Make sure you have “shields down” (@ top right, Lion Icon ). It is designed to protect the user & their wallets NO ???