[Pending] AFR-010 Adding yield information on Staking Page

Problem: Current staking page is not motivating new investors to stake.

For investors who have been staking from day1 and believer of Akropolis may be easy to know your yields from google sheets. But, for new investors, I don’t think it is not friendly enough (less information) to motivate to stake while seeing that staking page. (From the repeated question in the telegram channel, many of the investors are not checking the google sheet)

From a psychological perspective, if you want to motivate someone to continue to stake and not dump, you have to show clearly how rewarding it is to stake. (To reinforce one’s judgement and action; Positive Reinforcement)

In this concept, I would like the team to consider adding the information below in the staking page to motivate investors to stake and continue staking.

i. Annual Percentage Yields
ii. Weekly Percentage Yields
or/and, state the exact number of AKRO and ADEL tokens you will earn. (token numbers and in USD)

iii. Daily Earnings (token numbers and in USD)

iv. State the claimable tokens every second.
(Uniswap LM reward for UNI has this function. Every time you renew your page, your Claimable UNI token increases. Which is very stimulating!)

If you can see your earnings increasing in real-time would be nice if possible.
Reference: https://sablier.finance/

v. A graph of how percentage yields are changing in Daily, Weekly and Monthly span.
Or a weekly/monthly average of percentage yields,
It will clarify how much you will expect in a more realistically way. Just stating APY is misleading and not informative enough. Percentage yields fluctuate depending on token price.

vi. Current Price of AKRO and ADEL tokens
vii. Staking Position (percentage of how much you hold in the total pool)

To summarize, the staking page has to show investors that staking AKRO and ADEL is rewarding to you and your assets is increasing every time you check your staking page. Current staking page is too static, and it is less motivating to start staking and continue staking.

Don’t misunderstand that I love the cat design of the Akropolis which makes investing much more friendlier and I think it is the best design in this space. I just want to point out the functional part.


Wow… exactly!!! the UI has a lot of “coming soon” on it… I am sure there are alot of different priority’s in the DEV team at the moment… but knowing where you are at a glance should be up on the list. I have DCA into steak Starting at 2.50$ and just bought again at .75… would like to have some better numbers…

Hey Yossy, thanks for feedback!

We’re working on improving and adding info to the UI - that’s a continuous work in progress.

i-ii. APYs will be added in the near future. WPYs is an interesting idea haha
Bear in mind though it will show APY/WPY for the whole pool - giving exact number of rewards per user beforehand is not possible as it depends on user share & liquidity in the pool (and some might not understand it fully and think that numbers they see won’t change).

iii. As to daily number - we will add history tab to show it most probably.

iv. This is cool way of showing rewards accrued, but our mechanics differ from UNI/other projects, as rewards are claimed for the whole pool first (and user see his rewards accrued only after the claim for the pool; as he/she essentially need to be in the pool at the time of claim). This cost less gas for user upon rewards withdrawal - and goes alongside with “pooling” in general.

v. Graphs are in the works too :slight_smile:

vi. It’s available on Coingecko haha. Also - NAV of rewards on the Harvest page essentially shows you how much they cost right now.

vii. Will ask!

Overall - thank for the feedback, I guess you made a TL;DR of all the feedback provided so far haha

Thank you for your reply!!
I am looking forward to the progress!!

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