[Pending] AFR 005: Balancer Pool Whitelisting/Investing

Balancer Pool Whitelisting/Investing



  • Building on the proposition that Balancer can act as the DeFi equivalent to an index fund, users of Delphi would likely benefit for the ability to DCA into particular pools.

  • Akropolis governance (via AKRO) can be used to determine what Balancer pools are whitelisted within the interface.

  • Giving users the ability to DCA/Invest into whitelisted Balancer pools allows them to gain exposure to multiple assets and LM rewards in a weighted fashion.


Balancer is quickly gaining DeFi market share in their automated rebalancing pools. As users of Balancer pools can pick myriad assets and weights for pools, they can become mini-index funds for particular assets (i.e. DeFi, NFTs, Derivatives, etc). As Akropolis is aiming to become a hub for decentralized investment, it makes perfect sense to provide users the ability to DCA into pre-determined Balancer pools (determined via AKRO governance). Of course, a risk associated with this is that poor quality pools are whitelisted via governance. However, in the end it is up to the user whether to invest in a particular pool or not. Risk scores could be added during the whitelisting process in an effort to minimize any negative impact to users.