[Pending] AFR 003: 1-click Pool migration from existing pools

As most users will already have some existing Liquitidy pools on Balancer / Curve / Uniswap, it would be great if they could be migrated to Delphi with 1-click within the Delphi interface.

This could be done with a panel showing all eligible pools from the different protocols (as we can scan the current connected ETH address), with a migrate button below each pool or/and a migrate all button.


I think that would be very convenient but I am not sure how much time it might take to be honest. It’s a functionality that is needed at the start more than later :slight_smile:


Maybe we could just provide a link that takes them direct to site for withdrawal. :tipping_hand_man:

This is harder than it sound bro, at least that is from my prespective.