[Pending] AFR 002: Capital Gains, Losses, and Income Screen

Capital Gains, Losses, and Income Screen



  • Taxes suck and compiling all gains, losses, and income from a variety of sources is a nuisance.

  • Most DeFi protocols or products don’t allows users to easily view capital gains, losses, and income.

  • As Akropolis is aiming to be an investment hub for both asset investment and yield, it would be great for users to get an easily accessible screen/CSV export for tax purposes.


DeFi and crypto is growing at an exponential rate - making it hard to keep up with all of these advancements let alone trades and transactions. Akropolis aims to be a primary investment and yield hub on Ethereum where users can access multiple assets/capital pools within one transaction. In this way, transactions, investment returns/losses, and income (both interest and LM rewards) should be easily accessible. Having a screen and/or export CSV file with capital gains, losses, and income would be incredibly helpful for users to track their progress and report their earnings/losses for tax purposes. A feature like this is critical for mainstream adoption, as it abstracts away the complexity of reviewing every trade/transaction.


yeah I gotta admit I have 0 overview of my crypto investments, any project that could help me track this would be a lifesaver

This will be awesome for Akropolis users. Looking forward to implementation.

It would be best if you kept a ledger.

What would you do if an exchange you had been using got hacked and shut down?