Paid gas fee for infinite unlock then asked to pay another gas fee to stake?

Hello , I just tried to stake my akro and was asked to use eth gas to select infinite unlock which I chose , then I was asked to use more eth to stake again , I’m confused why this happened twice or why I had to pay for the first step. It’s like an extra $80-90 which is fairly substantial to me , if anyone knows why this is or if this is correct, please let me know !

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That’s normal, unfortunately it is normal for 2 transactions, like most defi projects you have to pay a fee to unlock your wallet basically for them to have access and then you have to pay a fee afterwards to send, but if you chose infinite unlock at least you wont ever have to worry about the first transaction ever again if you decide to stake more. Will just be the one fee now to send/stake :slight_smile:

Mr. Real crypt. Education on your investments are crucial to success. You need to learn how sc work. I would advise u to sell any crypto you may have and do more research before you lose more of your money. Good luck

This is not recommended. I WOULD NOT UNLIMITED UNLOCK YOUR FUNDS. DO NOT DO THIS. If there is a vulnerability you will lose your funds. DYOR

Mazaal, Haha that’s funny, I’ve been in crypto for almost 5 years now and turned a fairly tidy profit overtime , it’s about risk management so for my small chunk of portfolio with Akro in very willing to take that risk for 30+% return. Sorry if crypto has taken your money but for those with the smarts and ability it has been a gold mine

I agree with this , those eth fees are painful though but over time the roi of course over takes those fees . Just blows up front thank you for your reply

The Ethereum transaction fees might have caught new users of crypto off guard.

The best thing to do is purchase chunks of ETH for your different wallets during the bear market, even if you don’t invest in ETH. Then when the next bull run occurs, you will have plenty of juice to move crypto around.