In regards to the Kucoin Incident

I believe any rash decisions made by the team should be voted on, I also believe that Returning the 283 Million $AKRO to Kucoin, without a proper governance vote is a violation of this community’s trust and basic cores. Kucoin have said that they will cover the 283 Million from their Insurance fund. (meaning they will have to market buy/OTC) Akro should not print it back for them (If that’s even possible)

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As long as kucoin say they are covering the lose then i dont think we as a community should have to cover it as well. We should not have to fix the mistakes of a cefi organisation.

However if kucoin fail to reimburse the users appropriately, then i think we should step in as a community to replace the locked tokens. But only if kucoin fail on there end. That we look like a strong community and we get to give a real middle finger to cefi.

I don’t agree with this. Their Insurance fund should be able to cover it easily.

As long as the insurance covers it. then i agree we dont do anything.

Hey there buddies!

First off I believe that the team is going to do the most reasonable thing for the project and I do not think that they will try and benefit from the situation. As of what I have seen by now and from the information that we got for the hack, the team locked up all transactions, blacklisted the hackers address, so that was quite enough of a move to show that they are more than concern about the project, maybe even more than some of us in the space.

Anyways I do not believe that they will be printing out and giving away as of per-term free money to give from the community. Even if they did so the exchange had an insurance for such a move, so I believe that they will be given back as of market prices (depends on how the insurance actually works and on the dips and twists of the market).

I asked @Sidzuka today about the addresses that were affected by the hack, because I wanted to donate something if the owners of the accounts didn’t get much back, she politely cut me off, trying passively discourage me from doing so until the situation is resolved.

As of what I have saw by now I stand fully behind the team’s decisions regarding the project and it’s exploitation, at least until we get the whole thing rolling v.1.0.0 :slight_smile:

I love that you guy’s are pulling topics like this and this is the right way to go! Keep it up!