Governance Proposal Template

Title Of Proposal - AIP-xx (Akropolis Improvement Proposal and proposal number)

Author(s) Names

TLDR Summary

A brief bulleted description (<5 bullet points) of what the proposal is, how it will benefit the protocol, and any potential negative consequences.



What is the problem that this proposal is intending to solve? What other solutions have been proposed to solve this problem? Why have those solutions failed? What is the novel solution proposed here? How will it be better than previous attempts? What tradeoffs does it present? What benefits does it present? Do the risks outweigh the benefits for both the community and protocol? If not, why is it more important to benefit one over the other?


Why should the community vote the proposal in? What are the next steps after the proposal is implemented? How or will the success of the proposal be tracked? Will there be follow-up plans if the proposal is successful? Pros & cons?

Technical Specification (Optional)

What are the technical specifications of any proposed change to Akropolis interfaces that currently exist or will be deployed? If so, test cases must be provided.