Fequently Asked Questions

Hey there, brothers and sisters!

I haven’t really been in touch with any of the team staff recently and I don’t know what is really going on with the community website as of this moment, but I think that is going to be a huge plus to the whole akro-space we got going on here.

The whole soul purpose of this topic is to see what are the most commonly asked questions threw out the community, so I am asking you to post all of the questions that you had when starting up with this project, or to share the questions that you’ve answered during your time here. Please note that your reply to this topic is going to be more beneficial if you actually do not read the replies, before you give your answer.

Thank you in advance!

Stanislav Kafaliev

Where can I buy AKRO and ADEL?
Why do we have two different tokens?
What are the rewards for Staking/Investing/DCA/LP providing on DEXs?
Where can I find the Google Sheet link?
How does vesting work, and what does actually bi-weekly mean?

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What is Akropolis?
What is Delphi?
What is the project?

Is Akropolis a better solution than traditional systems ? Why ?
How can I ( a person totally new to crypto ) use akropolis and its services ?
Why is this better ?
How much can I make ?
What can I do with Akropolis ( that I couldn’t do before) ?

How can I seamlessly make a payment from any bank account, around the world, and purchase(or swap) stable major crypto assets? Is it possible to stake these assets, accrue yield WHILE using them as collateral to burrow additional assets? Can I pay via PayPal? Bank/Credit Card? Oska? Western Union?

Hey there. I’m new to the community. Greetings all, Like your work & the feel of the space. I’m looking to get further invloved in AKRO, have a boatload of AKRO staked & want to stake the rest that are sitting in my wallet BUT I need to get up to speed on progress in the current pause to the stable-coin pools. Could someone please point me to the forum topic that covers this ?
TIA :smiley:

Hey a reply to myself. Staking for both AKRO & ADEL just worked fine this time. Don’t know what happened with my Brave wallet but the handshaking was fluffy. Delphi & the CAT sorted things smoothly. catch up soon guys. Thanks again