[Closed] AIP-005 Extension of Voting Duration

Authors: irishpride1in and Alex.eth


3 days (72h) is not enough time for everyone to read and carefully consider a proposal, nor cast their vote

7 days (168h) will allow enough time for those with busy schedules to carefully consider each proposal and cast their vote


Everyone’s lifestyles, working conditions, and family/community obligations are different and afford users varying degrees of leisure time to devote to reading and considering the implications each proposal might have. This is especially true if the proposal is technical in nature ,or is a topic the user may not be familiar with. Therefore, the current 3 day (72h) voting period may not be enough time for users to form an educated opinion or even participate in voting. This poses a real risk that some individuals or groups may try to push detrimental agendas on short notice to deprive the community the time necessary to absorb the details or consider the impact the proposal might have on the product. For instance, proposing a highly technical proposal veiled in jargon that the average person cannot grasp the true meaning of and pushing it through in 72h seems inappropriate to the ethos of decentralized governance.

In this light, I propose that the community agree to a 7 day minimum voting period to proposals sent to snapshot. This should allow enough time for users to form an educated decision, look at the discussion/comments on discord and the governance forum, and find some time to vote.

As some things will need to move more quickly than 7 days in the event of an emergency, I would also propose that the team or community members via the team have the ability to propose issues with the current 3 day window if needed.

Thank you for your consideration!


i think if the process of the governance is that only the vote itself has to be 3 days long, but the expected discussion for the vote would also likely be multiple days long then maybe how it currently is is fine. Maybe we increase to 5 days, but a week might be too much if the thing being voted on is a wanted feature that has already had a lengthy discussion on this forum.


Maybe we can make a poll in the discord announcements and get a general feeling for what the community think would be a good time span. Maybe we could also announce votings on certain days so the final chance to vote falls on a sunday or something.


I check price 755653478 times a day… 3 days is a world of time :-1:t6:


Taking myself for instance. I work in heavy construction industry.very demanding work,long houres, dangerouse.being sent all over the country when a job needs to be done. then finding time to spend with the wife and kid,it doesn’t leave me much time at all to keep up to date. what am I supposed to do,check the forums on my phone while I’m hanging of the side of a powerplant 300 feet up in the air. No phones allowed on the job for 1. truthfully,most things are not of some extream importance or an emergency nature where they would need judgment right away. so I really don’t see what the rush is.if it needs immediate attention,this provides an opertunity for that, by utilizing what is already in place.Luckily I have time to to spend now on keeping up to date with things, but I’m trying to go back to work soon,and wont have the luxury I have now, thanks to covid 19, but that’s not typical. I know mine is not the typical lifestyle, but everyones life is unique. Imagine the life of a doctor or nurse who needs basicly lives at work, there are those people out there in the world. and this proposal isn’t harming anyone.traditional world operates much much slower then this.think of how slow legal world or how it is done in government. truly a snails pace. 7 days is nothing, and like I suggested,if it needs fast tracking,there is a option available for that. where is the harm? if anything,I only see protections. just my view.


Love this explanation, is 7 days enough for you?

PS: My little brother works in Welding, so TOTALLY get being on the job without resources for days on end.

I hope he enjoys it.definately takes a certain kind of person to do it. well,not currently working now,but I think that’s about to change here very soon,so will test my theory,but honestly, I feel theres no reason I cant devote an hr a week,if not,then taking part in govornance just isn’t for me. should just delegate my votes to someone else whos openion I value and feel would represent my interests. that also might not be a bad idea to implement, delegation.

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7 days is perfect, honestly imo. If 3 is needed for emergency, I can understand that as well! Love it guys! Keep up the great work!

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I appreciate everyone’s feedback. This is awesome discussion.

From my perspective, I want to first understand what other decentralized finance protocols are doing and understand how successful they are.

Uniswap -
7 Day voting period

Compound.Finance -
3 Day voting period

What’s very convenient about the 3 day voting period is that the community can quickly adapt to the past pace movement in the crypto world. Use case, the Compound.Finance community was able to quickly support the UNI token on the protocol and also make updates to.

We do have this platform to discuss proposals and to gain alignment if they should go to the next level. People here are usually more engaged as e well. Shouldn’t the time invested here should be counted for something? If we are not planning on using this platform to discuss proposals then my comment is invalid.

The cool thing about the governance is that if something that was implemented doesn’t necessarily means is set in stone. If the majority of the community doesn’t agree with what was implemented, we can simply make another proposal to remove or modify it.

Uniswap’s Governance feature is brand new so I don’t have a good perspective if 7 days is too long or just right…honestly I wish the voting day requirement was shorten especially for simple matters.

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In my opinion, the 7 days is a correct extension of voting period, :wink: :argentina: :argentina: :argentina:

What if there were different quorum levels for duration?
Proposals start out taking 7 days, but if a certain quorum is reached it can be pushed through in 3 days.

Everyone here makes good relavent points on this topic. what a breath of fresh air. Thx :smiley: