[Closed] AIP 004: Refund Gas Fees To Attract New Akro Users

Model: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ck6kh6gQfReZydKlLzNHFRpyyb1Kc5YmxVrUVb8GRwg/edit#gid=0

High gas fees on every trade. Biggest complaint on twitter

AKRO alleviates gas fee pain. People pay the premium by buying 100k AKRO and staking it. They get gas fee coverage for 5 trades for example. The UX/UI will show a countdown of the trades. They can submit any tx hash tied to their staking address and get AKRO that covers the gas fee. Once the 5 trades are over, they must stake more to get additional remibursement. It could be 20K akro per trade or whatever the math works out to be. If they decide to unstake, there is a withdrawal fee that AKRO collects as revenue.

Attracts NEW AKRO HOLDERS. More buying pressure on AKRO, more incentive to stake and hold, more value accrued to ADEL and AKRO. Traders want ADEL to govern how much refund they get in the future. Generates revenue through withdrawal fee.

Depletes Treasury funds if the refunds > revenue generated. We can start with 100 users to test this feature and get feedback. The revenue & buying pressure on AKRO should be > than gas refunds.


horrible idea, everyone feels the pain of gas fee, that’s life, why should the company pay those, that gas comes from someone, don’t be selfish, its things like this that’s going to kill the project. you made the choice to trade or withdraw, and its you who should have to pay your own gas, don’t look for subsidy or this project will die befor it even gets a chance to live


I also agree this is a horrible idea.If akro can switch over to Xdai then such refunds won’t be necessary. You can’t expect to get refunded for using the ethereum network come on man.


No project will charge such a high fee. This is not just a question of gasoline costs. The commission charged by the project party also seems to be high, so the cost is high. This is the highest fee I have ever seen. Nothing is more expensive. All are copied code. This is the highest cost, other costs are not high. What does this show?

The fees are all part of the network. Maybe consideration into carrying the fee over to when the withdrawal is made? But essentially it is up to AKRO/ADEL to innovate a way that make transactions affordable. Maybe sidechains like xDai could help?

I consider that is a bad option. Subsidiary the gas is not part of the system. this proposal was already used by exchanges and, when the subsidy is ended, the users go to other.

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EVERY PROJECT in order for it to be successful needs to have LIQUIDITY and let me tell you this my friend LIQUIDITY doesn’t come with TRADING. Even when providing LIQUIDITY on DEX or CEX they have to have BOTH sides of they coin. And when it comes to a FINANCIAL PRODUCT it is a TOTAL loss to put an INSENTIVE to TRADE when we all need to HODL and provide the LIQUIDITY for not only HIGHER BUYING pressures but also continues DEVELOPMENT of the project. That is why we voted on VESTING because that reduces the SELLING PRESSURE (that’s your take away point bro).

But I believe that you can come up with a better way of trying to achive what you are aiming for :wink: