[Closed] AFR 004: ETH 2.0 Staking Module

ETH 2.0 Staking Module



  • ETH 2.0 staking is likely to become a major source of fixed income in the coming years.

  • As Delphi is aiming to be a primary hub for both investing and passive income strategies, it makes sense to give users access to ETH 2.0 staking opportunities.

*Delphi could vote to either a) build out their own ETH 2.0 staking service for user deposits/withdrawals or b) integrate with existing ETH 2.0 staking service providers such as Rocket Pool, Stakewise, or Codefi.

  • Voting to add and maintain a non-custodial staking service provider via Delphi could act as a major fee generator for both ADEL and AKRO holders.


ETH 2.0 staking is likely going to become a major use-case for passive income in the coming months. However, users that are not savvy enough to run their own node may not be able to participate in staking. Non-custodial staking services such as Rocket Pool and Stakewise have emerged as user-friendly staking service providers for those without the tech know-how to run their own node. As Delphi is aiming to be a primary hub for both investing and passive income strategies, it makes sense to give users access to ETH 2.0 staking opportunities. In this way, Delphi could integrate with existing non-custodial solutions or vote in to build out their own non-custodial staking service - presenting an additional fee generator for both ADEL and AKRO holders. This service could also be extended to polkadot in the future.


I agree.

Not only ETH, but DOT and other tokens would be nice too.
It would be nice to have a dashboard where we can see the yields in one glance and may be we can use those staking tokens for collateral.

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I would be for this idea.
Quick rant Could this also used for STAKE and easy stake? Super easy to use!

As usual I think it would always be better if Delphi builds their own. However I do not have much knowledge of the time and resources required. If we have some time and can get it done before or just on ETH 2.0 release then that may be worth the effort.

If building is going to take a significant amount of time then using providers in the meantime may be a better option to take advantage of the yield generated.

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I generally love your idea @Alex.eth , but don’t forget the Polkadot community. We are trying to co-exist, so consider taking out ETH staking module at the same time as taking out a DOT staking module. I generally think that right now is the right time of making such a module, due to the hype of UNISWAP rewards token. I believe that an ETH 1.0 staking module can be made utilizing UNISWAP’s protocol.

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It does make a lot of sense to validate transactions on the network that the platform uses. I really like ETH 2.0 staking for this reason, maintain your own safety net. It’s being a team player, it’s advertising. Those selling points alone are fantastic, then you throw in that it yields returns.

It’s not that I am against a DOT node forever, just not for it right now as it doesn’t have the same selling points yet. Akropolis-Delphi doesn’t utilize it yet, we’re not keeping ourselves afloat by doing it. Because of this it seems more speculative, which is fine (it’s all speculative) but less brochure-able.

Second point I see is that DOT is still in price discovery mode. ETH has dug itself in so to speak, we know the floor for it, we know when to get in.

More than one option.

  1. own the node (higher maintenance, higher gross income, more responsibility)
  2. rent the node (lower maintenance, lower gross income, offloading of responsibility)
  3. piggy back on other platform’s node

Option 2 & 3 I don’t like, when someone comes with questions, where are our answers? We blame some other protocol and say “investing is risky.”
That’s good enough for some, politicians, narcissistic friends of friends (not our friends), ego maniacs, on payroll journalists, corporate lawyers, other forms of corruption.
That shouldn’t be good enough for us. I think it’s best to be accountable, and have genuine answers when the worst case scenarios arise (they will, and they may not be our fault. And how nice it would be to approach it from an angle of enlightenment, of calm understanding and informativeness instead of scrambling to find the right person to blame, “it’s their fault, not ours.” Come on now, that doesn’t actually have anything of value in it) It’s an investment on out protocol, we have a responsibility for it.

@DeptOfLabor I agree on your points brother. However lets not forget that the winning point for every project is who gets engaged first and stays trustworthy on the network. The reason why I think that both staking modules should roll out at the same time (ETH 2.0 and DOT) is because I believe that both projects are going to impact the whole crypto - ecosystem and that is only if and only IF both party developers realize that the projects are necessary for each other. Why is that?

Recently a stable version of Substrate was announced and developers are giving their projects the finishing touch it needs. If you think that Polkadot doesn’t have a selling point I really do advice you to take a look at https://www.polkaproject.com/ and keep updated. Now don’t get me wrong I am also a huge fan of the ETH 2.0 upcoming update, but it will still take some time to roll out the whole ETH 2.0 update and Polkadot is already here. When you go down to the basics of the ETH 2.0 and DOT projects they share a 90% similarity.

But the main reason why AkropolisOS should roll out both staking modules are:

  1. We need to be up to date to all ETH 2.0 since we are mainly using that chain as of now.
  2. Even if ETH 2.0 rolls out the network will have an OFFCHAIN governance, where as in Polkadot already has a on chain governance (remember the old DOT vs new DOT) … that was voted on chain and it was chosen by the community. Now isn’t that what we are all here for democracy, transparency … etc … etc … etc



DOT has selling points, no disagreements from me there!

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Is there any progress on staking eth 2.0?

Did you take a look at Ankr (stkr)? Please let me know what are the eth 2.0 staking plans.