AIP-008: Re-define ADEL>AKRO swap ratio

I support this proposal for the good of the project. For growth of our ecosystem we need to use long-term thinking for long-term growth.

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absolutely agreed with you Birdman. sometimes sacrifices has to be made for bright future

There is 380M “Team, Advisors” AKRO vested for 18 months which also can be sacrificed for a bright future. Like 30M will go to “Team, Advisors” and 350M to swap ADEL.

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The proposal fails to mention that ADEL price crashed because team made decision to abandon ADEL! Our APY for months was based on the assumption it has a value in the long run, which was more than 100%, turning out we were lied to when ADEL crashed. Stop changing the terms, this is becoming the most ridiculous managed project!


This is foolish. People have already acted on agreed-upon ratios.



I strongly against! I want 1:150.10x


You have been saying this since the moment you bought ADEL in August if I recall correctly. I have no idea why didn’t you just sell and moved one the first time you called the project scam. What was your contribution to Delphi v1?

For those who might misunderstood: tokens won’t stay at the team wallets - it will go to the public multisig and all spendings will be public. Proposal is from AKRO holders who think that LM, Dev& Community fund is a better usage of the funds.

Also from what I see the same people who didn’t appreciate our contribution in January sending hating messages. That’s why we need to see a vote itself to understand what AKRO holders think.

Ali my friend, please stop with your “SCAM” screams. I had enough from you. Haven’t seen any good word from you. When there is something you don’t like you started screaming, you are not in a help for the community. We are together in a good & bad.

Unfortunately there are not only the Team itself with a substantial amount of AKRO, but also some other parties who would be interested in “saving” the already decided on swap rate in order to keep more funds to the project.

This vote will be biased by this factor and in reality will not be a community vote at all.

What matters more is that this was already a decided topic, so adjusting it while the process is underway just does not make sense and just sells the credibility of the project for more tokens. I’m pretty sure that this would actually make it to some news sites like rektHQ ( or Defiant and from a pure marketing perspective this will end up in a disaster.


From the very beginning ADEL supposed to be a Community token and an experiment of a dual token model. For 5 months we received almost 0 contribution from the community and the hack was the last straw: when we started talking about compensation noone wanted ADEL token for it - everyone wanted AKRO. So it became obvious that dual token model doesn’t work and we need to focus on one.

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If swap ratio will be changed I just can’t get how it possible to use Akropolis app at all.
How can I be sure that any rewards will be paid if ADEL rewards have not been paid.


Everyone knows that it has been your behaviour since you joined. Many people told you to sell and move on many times because you are toxic and yes - you are spreading lie not truth. It’s great to insult and blackmail people with no name involved.

you keep telling us to just sell and leave. Sell what?! You destroyed the ADEL token value by abandoning it and publicly stating it has no value, even when it was a ‘governance’ token for Delphi. We can’t even access our funds because of forced vesting which was implemented without a vote. Now you want to take away the swap terms that were agreed. Have you ever heard of kicking someone when they’re down? That’s what you’re doing to your earliest supporters and it’s going to backfire if you go through with it. Something tells me your ‘Akropolis’ holders are the big insider investors telling you to do this who don’t give a f*ck about this community and actual Defi.


ADEL supposed to be community token but there were little community members involved in idea/governance etc. Just 5-6 max and at least half of them still supports us. The guy I was talking with just bought token and keep saying its a scam and he was going to sell since the moment I saw him is discord.

And yes, it supposed to be a Gov token but do you know how many people participated in voting? Not many. So basically people

  1. Wanted ADEL price to go high and fees (?) were distributed to ADEL users BUT
  2. When hacked happened people wanted compensation in AKRO (ofc who cares about ADEL - AKRO has liquidity).

We made a mistake with dual token model and overestimated community involvement. From the project perspective it was stupid to continue spending resources on it.

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Yes we know this story and it was all put to rest with a decision that already screwed over the majority of ADEL holders back then. But then they were fine with it as well.

Just accept the fact that you should not change a process that has already been decided on with clear terms (, midway through the process.

This is not happening anywhere in the financial world or any business. Stick to what has been decided for both the swap and the hack compensation plan. Everything else would just open up old wounds that have barely healed with an outcome that may even be detrimental, due to the loss of credibility and potential bad publicity.


Kate, I understand where you guys are coming from and community accepted we are moving away from ADEL. BUT, discarding the token made people lose a lot of money. Price dropped from $0.5-$0.6 to $0.15 with barely any liquidity. Reducing from 1:15 to 1:3 is rekting people’s finances further and is an offense to all who supported you through your experiments. I won’t even go about the project sentiment of you guys changing your opinion every month. Don’t do it if you want the community to have any respect for you, especially the ones that were supportive during the worst of times.


Absolutely agree with Dreddster. You should seriously consider the long term damage that will be caused by going back on something long discussed and decided. The idea of taking people’s promised funds that were earned from staking through your product etc (regardless of how you use them) is tactically and ethically wrong. End this proposal asap.


Akropolis team seriously wants to discuss this proposal? If you announced a swap rules, that it should be a closed question. If you change the rules in the middle of the process, then you will not only deceive the adel holders, but also scam those who bought adele after the announcement. Stop it pls


Strongly against this for so many reasons. First off, right before the initial swap was announced Adel to Akro ratio was over 1:30 and it was stressed that market pricing would not be factored in to terms of the swap. After the swap was announced, the Adel price obviously drastically fell and the terms of the swap being 1:15 were set later on. Now all of a sudden you want to consider market factors when we all obviously knew the price of Adel would continue to fall since it was been rendered pretty much useless.
Additionally, how can you go back on what has been already agreed upon by those that swapped? Imagine any reputable company doing something like this and going back on a set of terms where a transaction was made. It just baffles me how some people in this community are so gung ho on screwing over their fellow members. Completely turns me off and this will be the straw that breaks the camels back if this proposal goes through.